Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Proud Mummy Moment

My Beautiful Girl played her cello in her first "proper" concert. I nearly burst with pride. I'm well aware of how unseemly it is to brag about one's child. I am also aware of the Curse of the Smug Mummy (teenage horrors await) but I don't care. I was - I am - SO proud. She's such a great kid. 

I love you, my beautiful, Beautiful Girl.

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  1. I remember watching my daughter (then only 13) sing at a talent show at her school. She was brilliant, but I was a combination of pride and stress and tears brought on by both.

    She's 17 now, and still brings tears of pride (and fewer stress induced ones) to my eyes. The horrors you're worried about may never surface, so brag away!