Monday, 20 August 2012

Lazy Days

Since we returned from our holiday, life really has been lived in the slow lane here. There have been a couple of trips - to the library, the museum and the swimming pool. For Beautiful Girl there has been Pony Club, play dates and a day spent with Nanny but there has been A LOT of sofa time too. Which is not to say its been entirely unproductive. In fact, something rather exciting happened last week... Beautiful Girl caught the crafting bug! The above little creatures - an owl and a pussy cat, obviously, were made entirely by her. I cast on and off and threaded a few needles but other than that the knitting, stuffing, sewing, choosing, snipping and even crocheting (the cat's scarf) were all her own work. I cannot tell you how happy it made me to sit and craft together, nattering away - I only hope it was the first of many times to come. And as for my own crafting... well, I might have a Ta-Dah moment of my own before too long. So excited about that!

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Dear blog,

I am sorry I have been so neglectful of you lately. I'm sorry there is so much I haven't shared with you: our trip to the Hay Festival, a whole half-term, my birthday, our seaside holiday. All I've got to share with you is this PB & J cupcake from the farmers' market.... and a promise to try and be more attentive during the next few weeks.
Jo x