Sunday, 22 June 2014

An apology and May's Cake of the Month

I'm sorry, little blog, for my absence. Please accept these pretty sweet peas in an attempt to make amends.
And a cake, too. I made this back in May, for Lovely Husband, really. His favourite pudding is Bakewell tart (or pudding? I'm never really sure of the difference, although I understand to some that it is a Matter of Great Importance.)
Anyway, it was a raspberry and almond cake; a sponge made with ground almonds and almond essence and filled with lashings of raspberry jam. If I was making it this month, when raspberries are cheaper then I'd add some fresh ones too. It wasn't an enormous success, the ground almonds making the sponge a little too dry, although when I served it to friends who had come for Saturday brunch, they were very kind about it. But then, they would be, wouldn't they?