Saturday, 10 March 2012

Before and After

Life - 48 hours pre-Ofsted inspection.
Work. Work. More work. Mounting panic at how much work there is left to do. Work. Tears (Beautiful Girl's). Tears (mine). Work. Dinner (3 cups of tea and a stale doughnut from the bag in the staffroom). Work. Work. Tears (mine again). Work. Work. Work. Increased panic, edged with hysteria. Work. More work. Can't sleep - 3 a.m. - get up to work.

Life - 48 hours post-Ofsted inspection.
Cuddles. Kisses. Crochet. Dinner (smoked mackerel dauphinoise and green beans). Lavender scented bath. "Upstairs Downstairs" on iplayer. Sleep...blessed sleep....

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