Sunday, 20 October 2013

Simple pleasures

 I am not a high-maintenance kind of girl. Designer shoes and expensive jewellery mean little to me. However, I do love life's little luxuries and shopping for small treats - a new paperback, a box of macaroons, a bunch of flowers, brings me much joy.This week though I am unable to indulge. A "perfect storm" of financial demands leaves us with too much month at the end of the money. When I go to the bakers to buy the weekend loaf I manage to forgo the delicious - and expensive - little plum and ricotta cakes. I don't stop at the newsagents on the way home for the latest edition of "Country Living" magazine. Proud of my self-restraint I go home and bake a favourite autumnal cake, thriftily using up the last of the rather soft apples and pears. And when I take Beautiful Girl to the library I find a beautiful book to bring home and swoon over. Add a frothy coffee and my afternoon of frugal pleasures is complete.


  1. Jo, your life sounds scarily like mine... but just as pleasurable. Check out my girls top made from free house clearance fabric - I would have loved to have bought some kitsch children's jersey but not this month. Jo x

  2. Thrifty Chic is one of my top interiors books as well - perfect for a browse through when a creative calm is called for. And hurrah for the small pleasures that are the stuff of our lives.