Sunday, 13 October 2013

An autumn weekend

Saturday morning and the farmers' market is teeming with autumnal bounty. I buy a quince, for the way it will perfume the kitchen first, then for stewing with sugar and lemon juice, to be eaten at breakfast. I also buy a crisp baguette, stinky cheese and slices of fancy cake. Mine will be saved until Downtown Abbey, although the rest of my family will devour theirs as soon as they walk through the front door. Best of all, I also bring home these beauties...
Sunday afternoon and, tummies full of roast beef and Yorkshire pud, the temptation to put the TV on and snooze the afternoon away is great. We decide instead to brave the drizzly afternoon and go for a walk in a favourite spot.
Home later, to tea and crumpets in front of the fire. A little crochet time too. What a lovely weekend.

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