Wednesday, 14 December 2011


God, I love Christmas. I start thinking about it and planning for it as soon as the Beautiful Girl's birthday is over, at the end of August. Shopping is mostly completed by the end of November, allowing me to spend December in an orgy of mince pies, fairy lights and sentimental songs. Bliss. This year preparations began when the gorgeous-in-every-way Jen and I went to a batiking workshop, where we made our own batiked (and in my case, snowflake and glitter embellished)  Christmas cards. I was actually really pleased with how they turned out.... 
When I got home I stashed them away in my vintage Christmas biscuit tin, after wiping the inside with cinnamon oil, where they have sat, all warmly fragrant, waiting until I find the time to finish writing and addressing them. Now, if Santa will just bring me an extra four hours a day for Christmas, I'll be all set....

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  1. I've taken my card down today. It had pride of place on the mantelpiece where only handmade cards get to sit throughout the festive period. Now it's been packed away safely, saved from the scissors - the fate that awaits all the non-handmade sisters. Happy new year my lovely. Must meet soon. How about an Arco evening?