Monday, 31 October 2011

Strange going-ons

The Beautiful Girl has this... well, I'm not quite sure what to call it. A foible? An idiosyncrasy?Anyway, she has this personality trait which I find exasperating and endearing in  equal measure. She ascribes feelings to inanimate objects and then worries about those feelings. For example, we had a wonderful summer holiday with my family this year and on the last night we released some of those beautiful Chinese lanterns. Well, most of us did. The Beautiful Girl refused to, in case her lantern grew cold and lonely up there in the sky, on it's own. On a day out recently she couldn't choose between a pencil and a sharpener in the gift shop. After settling on the sharpener she had to whisper "I love you" to the pencil before she put it back, so it didn't feel rejected. And our lovely family tradition of choosing a Christmas tree on the first day of the school holidays became a traumatic experience for us all when accompanied by heart-wrenching sobbed apologies to the trees we didn't pick. All of which serves as an explanation as to why ours are the only pumpkins on the street to look like this.......
Apparently it would be unforgivably painful and cruel to actually carve a pumpkin. The irony of her returning from trick-or-treating to tuck into hot dogs and pumpkin soup is, thankfully, lost on her.

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  1. She has a super-sensitivity. Super-sensitivities are prominent in highly gifted humans. And yes, they are at once engrossing, endearing and frustrating. I hope you are able to enjoy them while they remain innocent and sweet.