Sunday, 2 March 2014

February's Cake of the Month

This month I baked a classic chocolate cake. This is my fail-safe, go-to cake for birthdays, afternoon teas and visitors. I use the method whereby I weigh 4 eggs in their shells, then use an equal amount of butter, sugar and flour (replacing 25-30g of flour with cocoa powder). I think I got the idea from Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, although I'm sure it's a pretty standard way of doing things. As I made the cake around St. Valentine's Day I prettied it up with some sugar hearts.
Speaking of Valentine's Day, here is my Valentine's mantle. The Beautiful Girl made us a message out of Lego. 
And, finally, my Valentine roses, looking slightly past their best here. Of course, it shouldn't matter at all that they were delivered to work. But it secretly does.
I seem to have lost my blogging voice this month. I am hoping that Spring will bring a renewed sense of energy and purpose. But while I am waiting for it I will retreat to my fireside, with my teapot at my side for some quiet stitching time. 

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