Monday, 17 June 2013

Three Beautiful Things again...

... because sometimes you need to look for the beauty on a grey Monday...

1. A new recipe for a veggie shepherd's pie, with a rich lentil, tomatoey sauce and a topping of sweet potato mash, cheese and fresh thyme is a roaring success.
2. I discover an album I bought years ago and never really listened to properly (Ani DiFranco's "reprieve") and it's just want I want to listen to tonight.
3. A fig-scented candle.


  1. ~ Happy Sunday morning, Jo! ~ Thanks ever so much for kind words over on mine...LOVE. LOVE AND love some this bewitching month too...May I ask if you could pop the veggies shepherd pie menu on here, please and thank you! It's the one meaty dish I miss!
    Hugs and autumnal kisses xxx Maria x and her Rosey Specs..

    1. oops silly me ...Never mind rosey tinted specs, i am a thinking I need 'good old reading glasses!! Of course it should read....recipe not menu!! hehe...