Sunday, 19 May 2013

Afternoon tea with Persephone books

I have a Lovely Husband. One of the forms that his loveliness takes is his willingness to chauffeur me ( I don't drive) around to places he has no possible interest in going to himself. Like yesterday.... for me, an independent bookshop, hosting an afternoon tea on behalf of Persephone books, sounds pretty much a perfect afternoon. For the Lovely Husband... not so much. But as it was in a rural location, well over an hour's drive away the only way I was going was if he was taking me. Which he did, generously and uncomplainingly. And was it worth it? Totally. The bookshop was wonderful, the best of its kind, the tea was served in vintage cups from a teapot covered in a Persephone-grey cosy and there was the best news from Nicola Beauman, who was there from Persephone (there ARE more Dorothy Whipples still to be re-published!).
If I was a Lovely Wife, next weekend we'd be going to a football match, followed by many hours in the pub. But I'm not, so we're going to the Hay Festival instead.


  1. that sounds like a fabulous day out!

  2. More Dorothy Whipples? Flipping heck that's good news.