Sunday, 7 April 2013

Sweetie cupcakes for a sweet niece

My baby niece is turning 3. Unbelievable how quickly time flies! Like all my nieces and nephews she is growing into a delightful little person - she is funny, smart and beautiful. She is also, quite simply, the cutest kid to have ever lived. She's sit-on-your-hands- cute.... you know, the sort of cute where you have to sit on your hands to stop yourself from squeezing and squishing her.
One of the best things about being an Aunty is that you get to indulge your nieces and nephews in ways which you'd balk at with your own children. Hence, for Baby Niece's birthday party... sweetie cupcakes!


  1. Gosh those cupcake look amazing . . . . you are so clever,
    Love Helen xx

  2. Lucky Niece to have such a doting Aunty. Your cupcakes look very exciting. By the way, I have a copy of Home Comforts too. It's a pretty comprehensive guide isn't it? I should consult it more often!