Monday, 1 October 2012

Ladies Day

The Beautiful Girl and I had a Ladies Day out on Saturday. We took the train to the really very lovely town of Great Malvern where we took part in a knitting workshop, here at the knitting parlour. How nice to spend the morning with an expert who can guide you in a sweetly supportive way, helping you with whichever aspects of knitting you might find difficult (for Beautiful Girl it was casting on, for me, ribbing and following a pattern). After our morning we went for lunch, stopping at a deli for salads, then wandered the pretty town, browsing in second hand bookshops and choosing presents for Daddy at the old-fashioned sweet shop. We eventually made our way back to the stunning Edwardian station, which housed a lovely tea room - and had just enough time for tea, cake and buttered crumpets before our train left to bring us back to Brum.
It was the nicest way to spend a Saturday. My girl is growing up so much and it fills me with joy to share such times with her. Maybe in a year or two, we'll be proficient enough with our needles to attend a Rowan workshop in Yorkshire... I best start saving...

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