Monday, 21 March 2011

Spring sunshine

It was a glorious weekend, here in the second city. The sun was warm and bright, the sky a beautiful blue and the birds sang like they were - well - full of the joys of Spring. Most of the weekend was spent in the garden here. Consequently, all is spick and span. There was a trip to our favourite garden centre on Sunday too, which means there is a new nesting box waiting to be hung and a small collection of plants (a peony bush, another hollyhock and 6 different varieties of sweet pea) waiting to be rehomed in our tiny garden. Best of all though, there are also a couple of large wicker vegetable planters, this being (so the Lovely Husband and I have decided) the year we finally get to grips with growing our own. I have this vision of us eating something we've grown ourselves every day throughout the summer. Watch this space....

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