Saturday, 16 October 2010

Too Much of a Good Thing?

I have a mild obsession with eating seasonally. This is less to do with a worthy high-mindedness about food miles and supporting local business - important though they may be - and more to do with simple greed. I like to eat food when it tastes best and it tastes best when it's in season. I would no more want to eat strawberries at Christmas than I would a shepherd's pie on a July afternoon. At this time of year my thoughts turn to soup - butternut squash, please - to pears and mushrooms. But principally to apples and to the pig. It was only when I considered what I ate one day this week that I wondered if I was becoming slightly too obsessive: for breakfast, apple and cinnamon granola; for lunch, a ham roll and an apple; and for dinner.... sausages with apples cooked in the pan with them. Oh, and a slice of homemade apple cake. Could this be considered Too Much of a Good Thing? The thought of the roast pork with crackling and apple sauce I am planning on cooking this weekend would suggest not....

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