Saturday, 17 April 2010

Back to work blues

Well, Easter has been and gone and, for the most part, it was wonderful. Some bits admittedly, I'd rather have done without, such as the afternoon spent in A & E at The Children's Hospital after Beautiful Girl dropped a paving slab on her foot and the 2 weeks worth of school work that I have left until the last weekend - actually, make that the last day. But the rest of the two weeks were filled with long walks in the sunshine, time spent with lovely friends, far too much chocolate and lots of great days out. Best of all, we have welcomed two new additions to our family: a perfect little baby niece and, at home, Daisy the cat. Despite being a rescue cat Daisy is very affectionate and sweet and we feel so lucky to have her. Last night, while watching a film with Lovely Husband and a glass of wine she was curled up on my lap and I'm not sure who was purring loudest - the cat or me!

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  1. Hello! - just found your blog so thought I'd drop by. A trip to A & E is never great at the best of times - hope all is OK now with your daughter. We've got 2 boys so you can imagine there's been a fair few hours spent at hospital!