Sunday, 7 February 2010

Spoiler alert!

It's a friend's birthday. Actually, it was a friend's birthday last month, but, true to form, I am horrendously late with her present. This friend is one who values the homemade, who understands that something created specifically for you is also a gift of time and of love. Unfortunately for me, however, this friend is also a talented knitter and sewer, who made me a fabulous knitting bag, with my name embroidered on it for my last birthday and I am embarrassed to give her one of my shoddily, uneven attempts at a felt decoration. Plus it takes me several months to knit even the most simple scarf, by which point it'll be summer. Eventually, after a bit of thinking, a bit of Googling, a bit of shopping, a bit of mixing, measuring and stirring and a bit of prettifying labels, I come up with this - Organic Facial Oil and Detoxifying Dead Sea Bath Salts. The facial oil, in particular, smells divine and I quite want to keep it for myself. Which is a Good Thing, I feel, in a present. Hope she likes it.
Apologies to any friend, relative or passing acquaintance of mine - you may well have just seen your next birthday gift!

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