Sunday, 31 January 2010

You're so heavy handed!

I've never felt particularly at home in my body. I'm clumsy, I trip over my own feet, bump into stationary objects and am incapable of closing a cupboard door without banging it (the title of this post was a recurring refrain from my childhood). So the feeling, when trying to teach myself to crochet, of knowing what I wanted my hands to do, but finding it almost impossible to get them to actually do it, is frustratingly familiar. Time after time, I begin a foundation chain and struggle along until I find myself stuck, at which point I groan and eventually shout in frustration. I pore over different "How to-" books and magazines, watch DVDs and videos on YouTube, all of which just makes me want to weep as everyone else seems to find it effortless. Beautiful Girl watches this process and decides to help, by presenting me with a better set of instructions.


Plas the string on yor lap
get yor stik
Bgin to croshy
twerl the wul
If that dus not werk tri puling it".

It doesn't do much for my crochet, but does wonders for my mood.


  1. I wish all instructions were that straightforward. Joys of being a mummy hey.

    The crochet will just happen, honest. One day I was making monstrosities as I didn't have a clue what I was doing and so I just sort of stuck the stick in a did things with it. Then the next some of it made sense and slowly slowly it all made sense.

    I teach it now and the same happens there, just all at different speeds, but it all happens in the end.

    Oh and about the post above. Keep the stabilisers on forever I agree, no wobble, no cuts and no tears.

    Lisa x

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words, Lisa. I will keep persevering! (I was ludicrously excited to see my first comment: I didn't think anyone would even know I was here!) You've made my day :)

    Jo x